Craft Show Vendors who were in attendance at the 2016 Show.


Products Offered

Vera Mansell Knitting & Sewing
Chris Houser Maple Syrup
Connie Mirabelli Dog Cookies
Victoria Frank Painted Glassware
Vern Link Bird Houses
Cathy Tekatch Swarovski Jewellery
Debbie McKinnon Knitting
Murial Malcolmson I Love Lucy Aprons
Chris Alexander  Alexander Fudge
Barb Cresswell Knitting & Sewing
Kristina Tivanian Baby Accessories
Mary Macfarlane Quilts Bags
Rustic Creations by JV Woodworking
Shen Yuen Culture Show
Nancy Melaney Bath Products
Helen Broderick Glitter Shirts. Princess Dresses
Elizabeth MacDonnell-Keefe Woodworking
Steve Sinasac Honey & Honey Products
Samantha Miskow Makeup Accessories, Baby Accessories., Key fobs
Eco Books for Kids Children Books
Struedel Ladies Strudel
SOSS International Inc. Tomato and Mustard Sauces
Yvonne Morrison Miller
Heart Warmers
Mikels Lavender Oasis  
Aili Than Vertical Planters, Soap, Bath Prod.
Allin Mikuna Dehydrated Soups
Ron Duxbury Birdhouses
John & Marie - Rose Ernst Classic Elegance Jewellery
Jody & Beth Butch and Lucy Dog Accessories
Courtney Dowman Blown Glass Decor & Jewellery
Kathy Machida Walking Sticks
 Anthony Pasto Happy Bees Honey